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    If you eye seasonal photography and wish you could come up with images that beautiful, the good news is that you can. This Seasonal Photography Course will give you the skills, insights, and tricks needed to capture beauty all year long and share it with others.

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    When it comes to seasonal photography, spring is a time of newness. Start out early for the best photos of the day so you can capture crisp, bright greens and stunning bursts of color in the flowers that bloom amid the new greenery.

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    When you’re going out in the spring to capture images of beautiful buds and blooms, it’s important to be prepared. In this session, you’ll learn how to plan ahead for the right blooms, and what gear you need to pack for the conditions you’ll face.

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    Backlight in photography has some challenges, but with a little preparation you can take advantage of this wonderful enveloping light that will highlight your image. In this session, you’ll learn how to isolate your subject, remove flare, bring in detail, and capture gorgeous angles that emphasize rich, vibrant color.

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    If you’re shooting all your images of flowers at maximum depth of field to fill the frame with blooms, you may be missing out on some gorgeous imagery. In this session, you’ll see how nature macro photography, using a macro lens at maximum closeness and maximum aperture, can turn a tiny focal point into the focus of your photo while making everything else a gorgeous backdrop.

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    When your eyes pan across in a spectacular landscape and you want to capture that image, a wide-angle lens just might not give you quite what you envisioned. But four images stitched together for a panoramic view might produce the scene that compelled you to stop and photograph it.

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    Summer photography offers many opportunities to learn and practice techniques. In this session, photographer Layne Kennedy takes the viewer with him to the Minnesota State Fair, where he lightens his load and takes photos of the crowd, close-ups of people eating corn on the cob, and other images highlighting the Great American Get-Together.

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    When photographing crowds, you can take different approaches and techniques to come up with a wide variety of images. Photographer Layne Kennedy, who illustrates these methods from the site of the Minnesota State Fair, uses a variety of methods to capture great images of crowds.

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    Summer fun offers great opportunities to for close-up photos illustrating fun activities and the expressions that go along with them. In this SESSION, Layne Kennedy takes a jaunt through the Minnesota State Fair and shares outdoor portrait photography tips, illustrated by animated shots of people eating corn on the cob.

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