• Underwater Photography - Course Preview

    Tips for Underwater Photography – Course Preview

    In this course you’ll learn all about underwater photography and experience the joys and mysteries of photographing in an underwater wonderland. You might be surprised at how affordable the equipment can be.

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  • History behind Diving

    History Behind Diving

    Get your creative juices flowing with this informative session on the history of diving. As you travel with the divers through their underwater wonderland you’ll pick up information on equipment, shooting techniques, and lighting.

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  • Equipment for Shooting Underwater

    Equipment for Shooting Underwater

    Many people think that that in order to take pictures underwater you have to spend a fortune on the equipment. This session discusses different types of equipment used for underwater photography – at all budget levels.

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  • underwater photography

    Focusing and Composition: Underwater Photography

    Imagine swimming with manatees and having the opportunity to get that one in a million shot. If you understand proper focusing and composition for this type of environment, you’ll have awesome photos. This session prepares you for that.

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  • Why Photography Manatees

    Why Photograph Manatees

    If you are looking for an incredible photo op that will leave your viewers speechless, swimming with manatees should be at the top of your list. In this session you will hear from Diane Ostreich at Bird’s Underwater Dive Center in Crystal River, Florida, as she provides advice on interacting with these majestic creatures.

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