• Photographing Washington’s Coastal Wildlife - Course Preview

    Photographing Whales and Seals Along Washington’s Coast – Course Preview

    Professional photographers Photographers Doug Gardner and Aaron Baggenstos take you on a chartered boat off the coast of Washington State to photograph harbor seals and killer whales. You will get technical and creative advice and learn how to get high quality shots under less-than-ideal circumstances.

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  • Locating Harbor Seals: Wildlife Photography

    Locating Harbor Seals Along the Washington Coast

    Travel on a chartered boat with professional photographers Doug Gardner and Aaron Baggenstos through the waters off the coast of San Juan Island between Washington State and Canada. You will learn how to look for and spot harbor seals as they sun themselves on the rocky coast and its outcroppings.

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  • Wildlife Photography: Capturing Southern Resident Killer Whales

    Photographing Southern Resident Killer Whales

    Learn stop action photography when you travel with professional photographers Doug Gardner and Aaron Baggenstos on the Pacific Ocean to take pictures of Southern Resident killer whales. You’ll learn how to capture clear images even though you never know where or when the lightning-quick whales will surface.

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