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    Wildlife in Grand Teton National Park – Course Preview

    The magnificent Grand Teton National Park provides sanctuary for spectacular wildlife. In this series of videos, outdoor photographer Doug Gardner will show you how to track these elusive wild creatures, design a shooting plan, and make quick decisions as you photograph animals on the move. Doug will show. You will learn about aperture priority, exposure…

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  • 6:01

    Photographing Bison in the Wild

    Travel to Grand Teton National Park with outdoor photographer Doug Gardner for tips on photographing bison in the wild. Always remember, bison can be dangerous, so you’ll need to stay at least 25 yards away from the herd and use a long telephoto lens. The goal is to capture the animals behaving naturally. Shooting in…

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  • 6:59

    Photographing Wild Coyote

    Photographing coyotes and moose can be exciting. In the early stages of winter, outdoor photographer Doug Gardner tracks a coyote trotting along a frozen river, and he captures awesome images. He uses his telephoto lens and adds a teleconverter to bring the coyote closer into the frame. You will learn that stacking teleconverters is an…

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  • Tips to Photographing Moose in their Natural Habitat

    Tips for Photographing Moose

    Photographing moose involves equipment preparation and visual instinct. At the beginning of winter in a beautiful mountain valley, outdoor photographer Doug Gardner discovers bull moose tracks in the snow. Later, he finds several bull moose grazing in the sage among the aspen trees, and he keeps to a safe distance from the moose so they…

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  • 4:00

    Tips for Photographing and Capturing Wildlife

    The Grand Teton National Park provides a home for a variety of wild animals. Travel there with outdoor photographer Doug Gardner for tips on capturing wildlife. Early on, he discovers a group of pronghorn antelope and shows you how to use exposure compensation and spot metering to photograph the animals in backlighting. The goal is…

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