• Encounters with Brown Bears

    Encounters with Brown Bears

    Encounters with brown bears in the Alaskan wild can be a beautiful experience resulting in incredible photographs, or it can be a nightmare. It all depends on how you conduct yourself when you are where the bears are. This course teaches you how to conduct yourself so you have the beautiful experience and get some great shots at the same time.

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  • Wildlife Photography: Capturing Alaskan Walruses

    Photographing Alaskan Walruses

    The coast of Alaska is where two professional photographers take you to shoot a herd of walruses in their natural habitat. You will learn to work with the light and weather conditions available the day you are there and adjust your camera accordingly.

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  • Photographing Alaska’s Northern Mammals - Course Preview

    Wildlife Photography: Capturing Alaskan Mammals – Course Preview

    Professional photographers Doug Gardner and Glen Alsworth, Jr. teach you their own techniques and creative ideas for photographing Alaskan wildlife, including brown bears and walruses. Learn how you can capture beautiful shots while keeping yourself out of harm’s way.

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