• 009947f_B2641U_c Tips on Winter Photography

    Wildlife photography in the winter can produce breathtaking images of both wildlife and their surroundings. Photographers Doug Gardner and Jared Lloyd show you how to photograph these beauties while also safely traversing one of the harshest winter environments in the world.

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  • 009945f_B2639U_c Coyote Snack

    Photographing coyotes can be challenging, as they can be easily spooked, but in this Yellowstone winter photography course, wildlife photographers Doug Gardner and Jared Lloyd come across a lone coyote making its way along a riverbank and, finally, settling down to intently watch some small prey in the snow. The coyote’s stillness makes for great winter wildlife photos.

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  • 009943f_B2637U_c

    Wildlife photography isn’t for the impatient. Photographers Doug Gardner and Jared Lloyd show you in this session how staying the course and waiting for the right moment can result in stunning photos, whether you’re photographing a bull elk in the snow or a bighorn sheep in a brushy area where you’re waiting for a little color to brighten up the scene.

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  • 009941f_B2635U_c Weather Appropriate Gear

    Want to shoot winter photos in one of the harshest environments of the world? Yellowstone National Park may be your ideal destination. This session will help you stay comfortable and safe while photographing beautiful animals in a pristine winter environment.

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  • 009940f_B2634U_c

    Join outdoor photographers Doug Gardner and Jared Lloyd in a Yellowstone winter expedition that will give you crucial tips and techniques for photographing the impressive animals that live there. This course will also give you greater respect for the animals that survive the bitter winters of Yellowstone.

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