Outdoor Photography Guide Water Photo Contest

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59 Responses to “Outdoor Photography Guide Water Photo Contest”
  1. George

    During quarantine, access to places for landscape photography was impossible. However, there are some opportunities that lie ahead of us and we did not give proper attention to them. I live in a suburb of Athens and 100 meters from my house, I found a forest with a small stream that descends from the mountain of Penteli and creates an incredible landscape in the urban space. I designed the photo shoot in good weather so that there was the right lighting and in the morning, I would have more peace of mind. I was lucky that last night it had a light rain and increased the amount of water even for a while. I went into the water several times until I thought it gave me a good combination of water flow and the rest of the environment, so that the composition would give the feeling of natural beauty and spring awakening.

  2. Linda

    We had booked a holiday in Yorkshire thinking we would have a relaxing, sunny and enjoyable stay. The stay WAS enjoyable despite Haygarth Falls flooding everywhere. It was a spectacle to be behold and I love photographing water. Got very wet trying to get a perfect shot but I am pleased with the result and my submission for this contest is one of the best that I too that day.

  3. Juan

    Nikon D750 (Tamron 150-600 mm), 1/2000 sec at f/5.6, ISO250, 300mm – Feb 12,2021.

  4. Martin Smith
    Martin Smith

    As stated first foray into moving water do regulary now and always facinated with the results.

  5. Gary Edwards
    Gary Edwards

    Our camera club set up a water drop station. I used a double exposure to capture 2 different collisions to get this particular scene which I call “Reaching Out”.

  6. Rene LaPlante
    Rene LaPlante

    I like the fact that this picture makes your eyes follow the water up and down. Soft and calming

  7. Henry Goodman
    Henry Goodman

    Acadia National Park, a slow exposure of fall leaves circling in an eddy on Duck Creek

  8. Bernie L'Hirondelle
    Bernie L'Hirondelle

    It’s unfortunate that this contest is only open to those in the U.S. I am from Canada and as per the rules, I not eligible to enter.

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  9. Jerry Hannah
    Jerry Hannah

    New Zealand is the only other place I would live other than in the Southwest of America where I was born, raised and educated, then married. I live now in New Mexico between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. My eldest daughter lives in New Zealand and we have visited there many times and in fact bought a house in Hanmer Springs so we could winter there.

  10. Rob Schwarze
    Rob Schwarze

    I was on a photo trip in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park guided by Back Country Journeys. With my Canon t7i, I ran a 30 second exposure of the base of this waterfall to highlight the motion of the water. I had the aperture closed to its minimum and an nd32 neutral density filter.

  11. Mark Fuller
    Mark Fuller

    Savage Creek drains a series of lakes (Savage Lakes – what else?) near the continental divide, flowing through lush subalpine vegetation to its confluence with the Fryingpan River near Basalt. This shot was taken with a Canon T5i using a 10mm wide angle lens, f13, 1/5 second, ISO 100.


    Canon 80D, (Tamron 18 – 400mm), 1/400 sec at f/9, ISO640, 71mm – Jan 19, 2019
    Taken from the Ventura Pier, CA

    I love the way your eye is drawn up to the break in the wave and the rainbow in the mist.

  13. Alan Friend
    Alan Friend

    I just happened to catch a wave on a windy day at sunset on Lake Michigan as it hit a breakwall and splattered up millions of water droplets backlit by the setting sun.

  14. Ronald D Wickline
    Ronald D Wickline

    Took this on vacation in Alaska in Kenai Fjord National Park. Beautiful little Crowned Puffin sitting on the water which was sparkling the sunshine.

  15. Don

    Heavy fog was actually ‘frozen’ on this early December morning. Photographed on nearby lake in N. Mississippi.

  16. Jody Merritt
    Jody Merritt

    The clouds were great that morning with few low clouds. As the sun came up it gave the clouds some wonderful colors that reflected on the water.

  17. Mike Hauser
    Mike Hauser

    Fly fishing at Colorado Bend State Park, TX. Just dipped the camera in the water about 100 times before I got the water and sky in equal parts.

  18. Scott Mirceta
    Scott Mirceta

    Taking the opportunity for a rare bit of sunlight on our trip to Iceland to capture Skogafoss Waterfall with a rianbow