Meet the Photographer: Kory Lidstrom

Kory Lidstrom of Fine Image Photography is a professional nature photographer with a passion for capturing grand scenic landscapes, particularly in his favorite shooting location – Hawaii. Kory travels the world pursuing his art and teaches others the art of photography through his annual workshops. We’re pleased to welcome him as a new contributor to… Read more »


Behind the Shot: Gallatin Canyon

On a cold winter day after a snow storm had passed through Gallatin Canyon, I decided to get out and photograph the Gallatin River and Castle Rock. I had been waiting for just the right conditions for the image to come together. The Gallatin River is a small river flowing out of Yellowstone National Park… Read more »


The Year in Review: Best Photos of 2016

Ansel Adams once famously said: “Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.” Of course, Adams was shooting with an old fashioned large format film camera; in this age of fast-paced digital technology, I think we can all do at least slightly better than twelve good photos a year! In 2016, I… Read more »


Trip Report: Into the Deep

The Marble Caves of Lago General Carrera – I had to see them in person to believe their surreal beauty. Getting there however, was another story. After 30 hours of flying, I waited in the small airport of Coyhaique, Chile, with hope that my guide showed up. I was so relieved when a woman called… Read more »


Meet the Photographer: Nikhil Bahl

Nikhil Bahl is a professional photographer and educator from the Washington D.C. area. A passionate environmentalist, Nikhil aims to convey a sense of beauty and wonder of the natural world through the images he captures. We’re pleased to welcome Nikhil as a new contributor to Outdoor Photography Guide. Read more about him here. Outdoor Photography… Read more »


Behind the Shot: Quoddy Lighthouse

Earlier this year in May, I was co-leading a night photography workshop in Acadia National Park with Adam Woodworth. Acadia National Park is amazing in May. The weather is still crisp, the park isn’t crowded at all, and there are still plenty of things to photograph during the day. This workshop in particular was one… Read more »


Photo Challenge Week 8 Recap: Bokeh

Hi everyone! Although the Photo Challenge is approaching the end (we’ve only got one more week to go!), I’m amazed at the enthusiasm and level of participation from members of the group. It makes it difficult for me to pick some photos to share during the recap—I can’t possibly review them all—so as always, the… Read more »


Meet the Photographer: Jennelle Marcereau

A professional photographer who calls the Pacific Northwest home, Jennelle Marcereau finds no lack of inspiration for her love of outdoor and landscape photography. An emergency physician by trade, Jennelle also travels the world with her camera in tow, capturing the beauty of nature around her. We’re pleased to welcome Jennelle as a new contributor… Read more »


Photo Challenge Week 7 Recap: Backlight

I’ve been traveling in South America for the past few weeks with only limited (and incredibly slow) Internet access, so my sincere apologies for not being able to complete the recap for the Week 7 assignment on time. There were a lot of really amazing photos to go through, but here are a few that… Read more »