Announcing Outdoor Photography Guide’s First Ever Photo Challenge


We at Outdoor Photography Guide are thrilled to announce our first ever photo challenge, designed to help you test the boundaries of your creativity and try exciting new techniques with your landscape and nature photography. We’ve teamed up with Managing Editor Ian Plant and a group of talented guest experts to bring you nine weeks of exciting photography assignments and inspiration, all with the goal of helping you supercharge your vision.

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How it works

The challenge is free to join – all you have to do is enter on this page. Then, starting the week of September 11, 2016, you will receive an email to your inbox with that week’s new assignment, complete with an explanation of the topic and specific tips and ideas for incorporating the techniques in your own photography.

Plus, each week will feature a professional nature photographer as a guest expert on the topic, sharing a video of their own take on the topic and a gallery of their own photos related to that week’s topic for inspiration. Each week you’re encouraged to log on to the exclusive Facebook Group to share your shots and see what others have been working on.

Here’s a sneak peek of the assignments:

OPG photo challenge Assignments

Meet the guest experts

Ian Plant small

Ian Plant

World-renowned nature photographer Ian Plant is the Managing Editor of Outdoor Photography Guide. His personal photographic project, Dreamscapes, moves beyond the literal and transforms subjects into something unexpected, bridging the line between the real and surreal. He is a Tamron Image Master and the author of numerous photography books and instructional videos, and he leads inspirational photo tours all over the world.
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Justin Reznick small

Justin Reznick

Justin Reznick is a professional nature photographer, educator, and tour leader with a passion for travel. He’s traveled to and photographed in over 66 countries on six continents. Never settling on one individual subject, he continually evolves his interest in photography and has currently been shooting more modern architecture. With a background in teaching, Justin’s work reflects his desire to pass along his knowledge to others.
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Sarah Marino small

Sarah Marino

Sarah Marino is a nature and landscape photographer based in the Rocky Mountain West. Along with her husband and fellow nature photographer, Ron Coscorrosa, she travels the country in a 25-foot Airstream trailer photographing landscapes large and small along the way. Sarah is the author of numerous high-quality educational eBooks and other photography resources which are available through her business, Nature Photo Guides.
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Greg Basco small

Greg Basco

Greg Basco is a professional nature photographer and environmentalist who specializes in photographing the rainforests of Costa Rica, where he lives with his family. It was the Peace Corps that first brought Greg to Costa Rica, but it was a love for the unique environment and the specific photographic challenges it offers that kept bringing him back. Greg now leads photography tours throughout Latin America.
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Jennifer King small

Jennifer King

Jennifer King is a professional nature photographer and instructor with an eye for design. A former advertising executive, Jennifer now leads photography workshops in some of the world’s most beautiful locations. Jennifer’s passion for photography stems from an interest in the combination of art and science – the mix of creative thinking applied with technical skill. Her approach to teaching is that one must learn both to move forward.
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Kurt Budliger small

Kurt Budliger

Kurt Budliger is a passionate conservationist and former middle school science teacher. He now uses his background in environmental education to lead photography workshops in his home state of Vermont as well as throughout the US. A member of the organization 1% for the Planet, Kurt gives back to the environment by supporting environmental conservation groups through his photography business!
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David Culp small

David Culp

David Culp is a professional photographer and instructor with a passion for the outdoors. It is the challenge of capturing a great image that drives him in his photography, as well as the desire to travel and experience as many outdoor adventures as possible. He aims to inspire others to do the same through his photography. David shoots on assignment for his many clients, and also leads photography workshops throughout the US.
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  1. Lori

    Sounds great how do you enter the contest?

  2. larry e shaver

    Looking forward to the assignments.

  3. Peter

    Loving the idea of the photo challenge


    Still waiting for the details of the First Challenge...

  5. William Young

    I am an old newbie learning new tricks and learning to use my digital to the fullest.

  6. Anni

    looking forward to the challenge

  7. Amy

    I would absolutely love to get more info and be involved in the photography contest, thank you.

  8. Greg Winston

    Currently shoot in the AZ Desert