Photo Challenge – Week 4: Capturing Motion

Thank you to all those who shared their shots from week three of the Outdoor Photography Guide Photo Challenge! It’s now time for our fourth photo assignment. If you haven’t officially signed up to receive the weekly photo assignments via email, be sure to do so here.

Week 4: Capturing Motion

Capturing movement in outdoor photography is one of the more creative processes for the photographer. Different movement can evoke different emotions, and as the photographer, you have the distinct ability to pull those emotions out of people with your movement choices. Now, movement occurs based on your exposure speeds. Fast shutters with some slight movement create a sense of excitement with the frozen speed like you would shoot panning after birds flying with a blurred background. Slower shutters create a sense of peacefulness like you would use with long exposure waterfall movements. Utilize filters when you are shooting movement. Neutral density filters can darken your lens and allow you to blur slower moving objects like clouds or water to create intense compositions.

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Inspiration Gallery by David Johnston

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  1. katerobbins001

    I haven't received the email for the week 5 challenge. Is there somewhere I can go to access the video explaining the challenge?

  2. Crystal Olson

    Just a heads up and comment. I've signed up for the email notifications numerous times but have never received an email. I am following on FB now which helps but would love to get the emails (yep...I have checked my junk/spam folders) :-)

  3. Bob Burgess

    love this!

  4. Dave

    Would someone please specify when a "Week" begins and ends? Mid-day Friday seems odd, and I never catch up until it's over!