OPG LIVE: August 2018

In this episode of OPG LIVE, professional photographer Ian Plant shares stories and photos from his recent trip to Senja, Norway. Ian also interviews his fellow pro photographer and OPG contributor Zac Mills about his experience photographing Sumatran orangutans, mountain gorillas, and the big cats of Africa.

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27 Responses to “OPG LIVE: August 2018”

  1. dolly

    joel sartore national geographic photographer has focused on almost extinct species by photographing them and drawing attention to them...called "the Ark" just fyi

  2. Richard Angeloni

    I am going to the big island of Hawaii in a few months. Not sure how close I can get to the volcano, but any advice about keeping my equipment safe when shooting in the area?

  3. Brian

    Really enjoy the description of your photoshoots - very surprised you only took 20-30 photos, what do you feel prevented you from taking more and experimenting more with perhaps random shots or varying views of some of the scenes?

  4. jeff

    I'm a begiiner with a basic Nikon D550 what telophoto lens would you recommend for a safari in kenya

  5. Eric

    Do you usually crop your landscape photos after composing?

  6. Nick

    You mention a wide angle focus lens, what mm are you using

  7. Peter

    Talk about the number of images you captured and the number you would call keepers. 500 taken, keep 50 ?

  8. Richard Angeloni

    What kind of tripod do you use when hiking

  9. mickey

    what gear did you use

  10. Craig

    When you go to a place like this and you know that conditions may be less than ideal, do you have a list of back of subjects that you can shoot?