OPG LIVE: May 2017

In the first ever OPG LIVE, Ian Plant, world-renowned pro photographer and managing editor at Outdoor Photography Guide, discusses some of his secrets for taking compelling landscape photos. He also answers a number of questions relating to landscape photography, including getting sharp focus throughout the image frame, using filters, including people in landscape photos for scale, and more.

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80 Responses to “OPG LIVE: May 2017”

  1. Leslie

    Enjoyed the presentation very much! Can’t wait until you can incorporate photo examples as the discussion goes along. Thanks for doing this. I look forward to the next one.

  2. Lisa

    Thanks! Fantastic information! Hoping for great weather for you during the eclipse.
    Cheers from Nova Scotia.

  3. armando chong

    Thank you for the tips and lots of info … hope to have another one soon, thank you.

  4. kamara

    Thank you for all the informations. I am not so good in english. Could you give the name of the book on depth of field again ?

  5. David Rossi

    Ian is welcome to email me regarding the eclipse. I’m part of a team to image the eclipse and I’m using a program called SETnC to run my canon camera during totality.

  6. John

    Using live view, It sounds like it is safe to use the LCD without eye damage. Just Do Not Look at the sun even for a moment

  7. BJ

    Thanks for the webinar. Love your work! Any recommendations for reducing blown-out highlights (Canon)? I’ve been using exposure compensation, and still have to kill highlights in Lightroom on almost everything.

  8. Steve

    Can you aim your camera at a mirror at an angle during the eclipse versus at the sun and not damage the sensor?

  9. Ania

    Ian, do you ever shoot in the rain? If so, how do you protect your equipment from being ruined?

  10. Tom

    Hi Ian, What are your preferred settings for milky way shots (iso, shutter speed, aperture) ? Thanks

  11. Rod

    Will this tutorial be available to view at a later date for those who may have missed it?

    • Customer Service

      Hi Rod,
      If you missed OPG’s latest LIVE event, it is available for review on the website. Visit: http://www.outdoorphotography.com and then in the Search bar type: LIVE event. This will then bring up the most recent OPG LIVE event, which is regarding Landscape Photography.
      Please let us know if you have any further questions!
      OPG Video Membership

  12. David Rossi

    have you shot a solar eclipse? Will you be shooting the upcoming Aug. 21st eclipse? Is there particular scenery that works well with eclipses?

  13. Katrina

    Mr. Plant has such a wealth of knowledge and is so unassuming and gracious in his responses – thank you for doing this!

  14. Jim Lawrence

    We can’t hear the questions, can you get closer to the microphone to ask the questions?

  15. Jeffrey

    With the mirrorless technology getting better and better, is it better to take landscape photos with a full frame mirrorless camera rather than a full frame dslr?

  16. Joe Hudspeth

    Thanks for the invite. Do you use filters regularly such as the GND and ND and if so what brand do you use?

  17. Kevin

    I’m a beginner and would like info on what Lens I need I have 2 at the moment a 18 55 and a 16 300 .. what others do I need .. my camera is a Nikon d5300

  18. Steve Thomas

    You did a webinar on your work flow some time ago. In that webinar you described importing image onto a two mirrored replaceable drive system. What is the brand of that system?

  19. David

    My interest is landscape photography. I have two questions:
    1) My primary camera is a Canon 5DMkII with a selection of Canon L lenses. I also have a Canon 40D. If I were to upgrade my 5DMkII, would you recommend a 5DMkIII (because prices are lower now), a 5DMkIV, or wait until whatever comes next?
    2) Do you make your own prints or do you have them done commercially? I you print your own, what printer do you use and what’s your preferred paper. I currently have a Canon Pixma Pro9000 MkII. If you have them done commercially, who do you use?

  20. Robert Sullivan

    Happy to listen to other people’s questions. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot.

  21. Dan Abrams

    Looking forward to this. What software do you use for focus stacking?

  22. Dan Abrams

    Really looking forward to this…especially your computer workflow. What software do you use for focus stacking?

  23. Dan Abrams

    Really looking forward to this…especially your computer workflow.