OPG LIVE: May 2018

Say good bye to winter, and say goodbye to the old OPG LIVE – we return in May with a new, improved format to welcome the coming of spring! In this episode, pro nature photographer Ian Plant shares some of his secrets for making compelling spring photographs. And, as always, he will be answering the best viewer questions about the art and craft of photography. You’re going to love the new look of OPG LIVE, so please join us for this exciting event!

Find Ian’s eBook Focusing for Landscape Photography here!

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33 Responses to “OPG LIVE: May 2018”

  1. Karen

    What gear do you use? What camera? What’s in your 20lbs of camera gear? You might have already said but I just started watching

  2. Wendy

    Hi Ian. I was wondering if you worry about wild animals while you are out shooting in the mountains, Forrests etc. and what do you do to ensure your safety? Thanks for putting out this live webinar so that we may all learn first hand :)

  3. Kathleen

    Thank you Ian. I’ve learned a lot from you and other photographers associated with OPG. Keep up the good work!

  4. Tony

    Where do you focus when trying to get near and far subjects in a photos with ratio of f11 or higher such as the trillium or
    the green leaves and trees

  5. Chris Hunter

    Please share some about filters. Particularly polarizer on wide angle problems.

  6. Luis Urquia

    With the new Sony mirrorless cameras coming out with a better and better and more advance features every year would you consider migrating to mirrorless? technology?

  7. Gabriel

    First time joining so please excuse “newbie” question. Best overall outdoor lens for wildlife (birds in particular). I have Canon 7D Mark II.

  8. Tony

    Could you explain the metrics used in photos: ss, aperture, f-stop , lens, polarizer, where yu focused etc. Thank much. Very interesting videos

  9. Luis Urquia

    Hi there, do you know where I can get a nice logo for my pics that will not break the bank?

  10. Jeremey

    Hi Ian, how do you prepare for, and deal with, different regulations, like where you’re allowed to go in different national parks (such as walking in river streams, going off trail, and such), and knowing whether you need permits at all?

  11. Kathleen

    What aperture did you use on the trillium to get the total photo in focus?

  12. Mari

    When shooting while standing in a river or stream, do you have any recommendations for keeping your camera dry? Do you use any waterproof equipment?

  13. Kathleen

    How did you manage the backlit photo of the rainforest using a digital camera? Is it HDR? Otherwise, the contrast is so great, it must have been difficult to catch the range of light.

  14. Marcus

    Hi Ian! We get a lot of rain in the spring. Wondering if you have any best practices for capturing landscape shots when there is moderate to heavy rain. Thanks!