Photo Challenge – Week 7: Telling Stories with Photos

We have reached week seven of the Outdoor Photography Guide Photo Challenge! This week, David Johnston shares tips for telling stories with your photos. If you haven’t officially signed up to receive the weekly photo assignments via email, be sure to do so here.

Week 7: Telling Stories With Photos

Whenever you go out to shoot outdoor photography, there is always a story and an adventure that is behind the images you capture. To tell better stories with photography, and create context within that story, try taking more photos of your adventures to and from the locations you shoot. Adventure photography can be just as a creative process as the destination photos themselves. They can be anything from an adventurous, rugged vehicle, a hiker crossing your frame, or simply someone lounging in a hammock or tent. Next time you go shoot, include some story elements into your photo portfolios to make your viewers want to get outside. Tell the stories behind the photos you shoot and the work that went into capturing the incredible compositions.

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