Photo Challenge – Week 8 (BONUS): Drone Photography

The Outdoor Photography Guide Photo Challenge comes to a close this week with a bonus assignment! This week, David Johnston shares his tips for drone photography. If you haven’t officially signed up to receive the weekly photo assignments via email, be sure to do so here.

Week 8 (BONUS): Drone Photography

Have you ever said to yourself, “This photo would be just a little bit better if I could just get a few feet higher!” Enter the drone. Drone photography allows photographers to reach the impossible compositions with a remote control. Shooting drone photos out over cliffs, from a high forty-five degree angle, or bird’s eye view reveals a landscape like it has never been seen before. While drones can be slightly expensive, they give outdoor photographers vantage points others just can’t reach. If you don’t have a drone, you can still get unique aerial shots if you work for it. Is there a high rock you can shoot from? Is there an overpass you can use to get a bird’s eye view? Use those! To get really compelling aerial views, look for textures in nature and contrasts in colors.

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Inspiration Gallery by David Johnston