Product Review: LandscapePro Studio Max

Written by John V. Foty

When it comes to LandscapePro Studio Max, the possibilities are endless. The software is not only remarkably easy to use, even for beginners, but it also includes a handful of helpful walkthrough tutorials and short videos to help you get started.

LandscapePro Studio Max offers dozens of presets for skies, rocks, grass, trees, and more. These presets give your photos that extra boost they may need, are easily adjustable ensuring you get your photos just right. LandscapePro Studio Max can recognize if you are editing a sky and will adjust the foreground to match the change in light. The photographer, however, needs to be aware of where the light is coming from in their original image and select a preset that matches that direction.

LandscapePro Studio Max has a wonderful team of technicians who are ready and capable to help should any questions arise. I had all my questions answered by the LandscapePro Studio Max team in less than 24 hours.

My next photo adventure includes the Grand Canyon and Arches National Parks. I will be thinking about LandscapePro Studio Max when the skies are clear or overcast because I know the day won’t be a waste due to boring skies. It will help me make realistic adjustments that can give my images a “wow factor” like no other image processing software.

LandscapePro Studio Max Examples

Learn more about LandscapePro Studio Max here.

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