Outdoor Photography Guide Water Photo Contest

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152 Responses to “Outdoor Photography Guide Water Photo Contest”

  1. Gary

    How is it possible for Barry E not to even get one vote for the excellent Dolphin Surfing picture. Great catch Barry!


    Photo taken in Qu├ębec city at Charny waterfall Canada! The dam was open to maximum and creating a fog like i never seen before!! My best water picture ever!

  3. Kim Menghi

    I am not sure I entered correctly (first timer!). This photo was taken at Sandstone Ranch in Longmont, CO.

  4. Jeff Baron

    This was taken on a bright morning in Sioux Falls South Dakota.

  5. Jason

    Dock at sunset

  6. Sharon

    I took this photo while on a visit to Swallow Falls In Wales, I loved the sound of running water. really enjoy waterfalls and lighthouses. My entry is one from the day out to wales.

  7. Steven Flanders

    I love photography and have been taking pictures for many years I would like to submit a beautiful photo to Outdoor Photography Guide Water Photo Contest that i took with my camera. I am not sure how to submit it please advise. I would absolutely love to win.

  8. Michelle Wood

    My typical subjects are flowers and landscapes, but I happened to be walking in the park one day and was in the right place at the right time to catch this goose splashing in for a landing. :)

  9. Geraldine Rose

    Early morning on Moreton Bay, Brisbane, Qld. Australia

  10. George H.

    My photo of the Mendenhall Glacier has water is three different states of matter; liquid, solid and gases ( vapor).