David Johnston

5 Lightroom Edits You Must Know

David Johnston
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Duration:   9  mins

If you are using Lightroom for editing your digital photographs, you probably depend on the standard tools such as contrast and clarity. In this premium video, 5 Lightroom Edits You Must Know, professional outdoor photographer David Johnston gives you a new angle on improving your post production options, using these five special Lightroom edits.

You will learn these lesser known Lightroom edits that David employs on every one of his images. By way of example, he works on a waterfalls scene he captured in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. First, to improve composition, David selects the Crop Overlay tool and brings up optional graph overlays to guide how he wants to position the lines and shapes in order to achieve balance.

For the second of the Lightroom edits, you will learn how to use the Tone Curve tool. David selects individual areas of his image to improve the shadows, highlights, and mid-tones of the waterfalls and rocks. Third of the Lightroom edits consists of removing the chromatic aberration that appears as halos around the fine details of a digital image. This edit will also sharpen details.

The fourth of the five Lightroom edits is using the Post Crop Vignette tool to lighten and darken edges. David focuses on Highlight Priority to darken the edges of his landscape image. His purpose is to focus attention on his main subject, the waterfalls. For the fifth of the Lightroom edits, you will learn the Blue Primary Saturation slider. David demonstrates how this slider can add color drama to the blues, yellows, greens and oranges. In his waterfalls photograph, this includes the rocks, leaves, trees, and water.

Join pro photographer David Johnston in his digital darkroom as he takes you through these five overlooked Lightroom edits to significantly improve your images.

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