Steve Niedorf

A Buyer’s Guide to an Aerial Photography Camera

Steve Niedorf
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Duration:   11  mins

You’ve made the decision to fly and done your practice sessions. Now for the next step, buying the right camera? What are the most important features, advantages and benefits of the various aerial photography camera types?

In this video, award-winning photographer and instructor, Steve Niedorf, will guide you through the process of purchasing your first aerial photography camera. In the eco-system of aerial photography, there are two basic types of cameras. Steve will explore the type that might best suit your needs and go over aerial photography tips.

We’ll discuss…

  • The hard-mounted internal camera built into the drone by the manufacturer.
  • The preferred GoPro aerial photography camera and why it’s better than hard mounts.
  • The GoPro’s many features, small and light, and with effective battery connections.
  • The superb maneuverability of the GoPro when shooting both stills and video.
  • The importance of file size in capturing the ideal still image.
  • The pros and cons of the stock, ultra-wide, fisheye lens versus the wide and medium formats.
  • Formatting your lens sensor for optimum pixels in stitching panoramas.
  • Test flights with your camera for file size as it relates to altitude and panning.
  • Shooting with the GoPro video option, the value of using a high frame rate.
  • GoPro’s protune software for post-production in manipulating contrast, saturation and sharpness.
  • The micro SD card and the adapter to fit your computer card reader.
  • Adding an alternative lens and/or clip-on lenses to the basic GoPro camera.
  • The option of a brand-name, mirrorless camera to attach to a larger, complex aerial drone.
  • Other photography tips and tricks for your camera.
  • Whichever direction you go in purchasing your first camera type, pro photographer Steve Niedorf suggests to start with a camera that is simple and relatively easy to learn how to operate. So have fun. Enjoy the experience of creating exciting images with your new aerial photography camera.



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