Learning How to Fly a Drone for Aerial Photography

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Duration: 17:00

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In this video on flying lessons, award-winning, photographer, Steve Niedorf, will guide you through the learning process of getting your drone airborne. Steve will show you the best methods and aerial photography tips to capturing memorable images by providing some useful photography tips and tricks.

You will see…..

  • Steve directing a certified, drone pilot to capture exciting, aerial images of a skateboarder.
  • Action tracking shots in the video format, the importance of speed and surroundings.
  • Steve directing an expert frisbee thrower through several takes from various angles.
  • Different lenses and different results.
  • Comparing images as shot with post-production processing.
  • How to use GPS to create aerial images for stitching a panorama.
  • Strap yourself in. As pro photographer Steve Niedorf says, “Let’s fly!”



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  • Learning How to Fly a Drone for Aerial Photography
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