Steve Niedorf

Shooting Aerial Video & Stills: Course Preview

Steve Niedorf
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Duration:   1 mins

In this aerial photography course, award-winning editorial photographer Steve Niedorf will take you on location where you will learn the mechanics of photographing with a quadcopter, from box to air-borne and back to land.

The aerial photography course will cover photography tips and tricks including…

  • Tips on the purchase of the appropriate quadcopter and camera for your needs,
  • The assembling of machine and camera in getting ready to fly.
  • The mechanics of the joy sticks for optimum control.
  • The use of GPS mode to stabilize the quadcopter.
  • How the propellers impact balance.
  • Choosing the right location, free of woods, high buildings, and birds.
  • The importance of measuring the wind and weather elements.
  • How to shoot different angles of an aerial photograph.
  • Safety tips covering people and property.

Whether beginner or accomplished amateur, you will learn a creative new world in this aerial photography course to ensure your finished photographs look amazing.



  • Shooting Aerial Video & Stills: Course Preview
  • How To Get Started In Aerial Photography
  • Before You Fly: Aerial Photography Tips
  • A Buyer’s Guide to Drones for Aerial Photography
  • A Buyer’s Guide to an Aerial Photography Camera
  • Learning How to Fly a Drone for Aerial Photography
  • Expert Interview on Flying Drones for Aerial Photography
  • Share tips, start a discussion or ask one of our experts or other students a question.

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