Steve Niedorf

A Buyer’s Guide to Drones for Aerial Photography

Steve Niedorf
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Duration:   9  mins

You’ve expanded your knowledge of drones for aerial photography and you’ve mastered the moves of the mini copter. Now you are now eager to take the next step. It’s time to purchase a multi rotor drone. How do you research the best drone to fit your needs? How do you narrow and refine your purchase choice?

In this video on copter buying options, award-winning photographer and instructor, Steve Niedorf, will guide you through the process of purchasing your first aerial drone. He will also offer various photography tips and tricks to make it easy on yourself in deciding what and how to buy, as well as other aerial photography tips.

In this video, you will learn about…

  • Researching the best local vendor that fully supports your purchase.
  • The advantages of a drone where the parts are integrated and made by the same manufacturer.
  • The importance of staying away from used drones for aerial photography.
  • Why you should avoid the off brands.
  • The advantages of the quadcopter, the ideal drone for a first-time buyer.
  • Choice of camera mounts on the quadcopter, the hard mount or the gimbal.
  • Why the gimbal system offers a more versatile flight.
  • Post production considerations in selecting the proper mount.
  • Considerations if you are shooting stills or video.
  • The features of the download link and viewing the image as you fly your quadcopter.
  • Selecting a quality battery and the auto-land feature if the battery runs low.
  • Safety issues and the need for prop guards to protect the propellers.
  • The reasons for buying a proven, well-known brand.
  • So get started. Do your research in purchasing a system that’s easy for you. Buy a drone that others in your flying community are using. And be sure to follow the drones for aerial photography suggestions that pro photographer Steve Niedorf highlights.



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