Layne Kennedy

Backlighting in Translucent Photography

Layne Kennedy
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Duration:   7  mins

In macro photography, backlighting is often the key to a great image. In this video, professional photographer, Layne Kennedy, guides you through lessons in translucent photography.

Layne begins with a translucent lemon slice, pins it inside a flat glass vase, and adds tonic water for effervescence. For the backlight, he positions a dome light to the side of the frame. He takes his photograph on the same plane as the lemon slice for a sharp exposure. A yellow wall serves as the background, but Layne experiments with different backgrounds including a sheet of white paper and blue wrapping paper.

Join pro shooter, Layne Kennedy, in his studio for tips on translucent photography.



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One Response to “Backlighting in Translucent Photography”

  1. Michelle Wood

    Fun, creative ideas, I can't wait to try them out for myself!

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