Macro Photography Ideas for Your Next Shoot

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Macro photography includes so much more than close-ups of insects, leaves, and flowers. In this video, professional photographer, Layne Kennedy, breaks the stereotype and takes you into his studio for macro photography ideas in the table top format.

Layne explains, “It can be a lot of fun to create macro images out of simple props.” By way of illustration, he uses a page from a romance novel and a wedding ring to create a lovely Valentine photograph for his wife. He places the ring on the gutter of the open book, then uses a cheap flashlight and directs its beam close to the subject. This direct light source clearly defines a heart-shaped shadow of the ring on the page. He clamps his camera on the tripod and uses a 105 macro lens for a ratio of one to one. The word “love” and the ring act as the dominant elements and generate the mood of romance that he was looking for.

Layne also experiments with different f-stops, starting out with f2.8 to show only the word “love” to be in focus, and then going all the way up to f45 to keep the central word and the ring in focus.

For more macro photography ideas, you will learn that a low ISO and a long exposure are usually the best combination in extreme close-up situations. It is also important to use a cable release to hold your camera steady. White balance is a key consideration, and you might want experiment with your camera’s white balance menu and choose the color temperature that enhances the subject. You will also find that a shallow depth of field can create drama.

Get in the studio with pro shooter, Layne Kennedy, who shows you macro photography ideas for shooting macro images of your own creation.



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