Bonus: Tony’s Portfolio

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Professional photographer Tony Sweet shares with you the results of every shot he has taken in this course. He brackets every shot, changing filters, lenses, settings, composition, and more, giving you the benefit of seeing how those changes affect the look and mood of your photographs.

Throughout this course, professional photographer Tony Sweet brackets shots of every subject he photographs. He selects camera settings, lenses, filters, composition, and elevations, shoots the picture, then makes small changes of every single component and shoots again. He continues to select different ways of photographing the same subject and shows you the resulting photograph every time. This way you can see first-hand how just a few changes – or even one change – can make a huge difference in your photos. You will get to see every single shot he makes immediately after he makes it. In this session Tony also shows you his ideas for making further changes to the photos in editing software to enhance them more or add dramatic effects.

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