David Johnston

How to Enhance Your Photos For Better Resolution

David Johnston
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Duration:   7  mins

Post processing your images can be complicated, given all the tools available. You are always looking for quality photo resolution. The problem especially arises when you crop an image because you will lose photo resolution. Outdoor Photography Guide’s pro shooter David Johnston admits he is always looking for tricks to improve photo resolution. In this premium video lesson he shows you the features, advantages and benefits of Lightroom’s Enhance tool to improve photo resolution in cropped images.

In Lightroom, David works with his misty landscape of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. He makes some editing adjustments but still wants to bring up the details. Under the Photo heading, he scrolls down to the Enhance option which brings up the preview image. He starts with Raw Details which brings up the DNG file for him to compare to the original files in the photo stack as to the photo resolution. In the Lightroom Develop module, he makes adjustments to the blues in his photo.

Then, he crops the Smoky Mountains photo file to include about two thirds of the original file and reduce the pixels and thus the photo resolution. In the Enhance feature, the Super Resolution feature now illustrates what his image looks like if more pixels are added. At this stage, you have a new enhanced resolution file you can work on with further edits in Photoshop. But the big advantage is you will be able to enlarge your final print without losing photo resolution. This post-processing technique works even with a camera with a smaller sensor size such as a 24 megapixel.

In this premium video lesson, Outdoor Photography Guide’s David Johnston walks you through a great method in Lightroom to solve the problem of photo resolution. You don’t need an expensive camera to render your cropped images beautiful.

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