• 3:38

    How to Quickly Organize Your Lightroom Catalog

    You’ve spent a wonderful week on a photography expedition, shooting scenes at lakes and parks, in forests and on hiking trails. You download a thousand files into your Lightroom catalog. Now what? In this video lesson, Outdoor Photography Guide’s pro photographer David Johnston demonstrates how to quickly locate and sort your best shots. No more…

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  • 7:03

    What Is Luminosity Masking in Photoshop?

    Do you sometimes feel as if your photograph looks beautiful on the LCD screen of your camera, but doesn’t quite make the grade on your computer monitor? In today’s digital world, a top notch outdoor photograph generally requires two stages: capturing a quality image with your camera and then editing that image in post processing.…

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  • 9:48

    How to Add Music to Outdoor Time-Lapse Photography

    Creating a time-lapse image takes patience, but it can be a lot of fun. Without music, the result can seem a little boring. Learn how to add music, which can create that feeling of motion, in this premium video lesson with Outdoor Photography Guide’s professional nature photographer David Johnston. He’ll show you how to add…

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  • 9:23

    How to Make Your Subjects Pop in Post-Processing

    Sometimes, you take a great outdoor photograph, but when you download the image into Lightroom, the main subject just doesn’t stand out the way you thought it would. But put on your edit hat. There is a solution. In this premium video lesson, Outdoor Photography Guide’s pro photographer David Johnston takes you through a few…

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  • 7:01

    An Introduction to Layers in Photoshop

    You have quality camera gear, and your outdoor photographs have been pretty good, the colors spot on. But what if you want to add other effects to your images, improve on what you captured in the field? In this premium video, An Introduction to Layers in Photoshop, Outdoor Photography Guide’s photographer David Johnston takes you…

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  • 9:31

    How to Use Color Grading in Lightroom

    You’ve captured a beautiful landscape with the clouds and sky layered in the background. You’ve done some overall editing to your image, but now you want to adjust individual colors. In this premium video lesson, Outdoor Photography Guide’s pro photographer David Johnston takes you into his studio and shows you the features and benefits of…

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  • 9:05

    How to Edit Outdoor Photos Faster

    You’re an outdoor photographer who likes coverage. On an extended field trip outing, you may capture thousands of images, and that means a huge number of digital files to download and sort. This raises the question: how to edit outdoor photos without getting buried in file piles. In this premium video about how to edit…

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  • 7:12

    How to Choose: Black and White or Color

    When you capture your outdoor images, do you sometimes think of shooting in black and white? But when you get into post processing, shooting in black and white doesn’t quite work out. In this premium video lesson, nature photographer David Johnston helps you make that choice. For this shooting in black and white tutorial, you…

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  • 7:59

    Two Ways to Use Masks in Photoshop

    What exactly is Photoshop masking? The masking process involves creating layers and then using Photoshop tools to conceal or reveal certain parts of each layer. You photograph the same exact scene, each image with a different exposure, and then you merge the two layers for a final balanced image. In this premium video, professional nature…

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