Wildlife Photography in the Falklands – Course Preview

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Duration: 0:57

What’s it like to shoot images of wildlife in a remote location in fickle weather? In this video series, wildlife photographers Ian Plant and Zac Mills travel to the Falkland Islands for tips and techniques on photographing artistic images of penguins, elephant seals, albatross, and imperial cormorants. You will learn about the camera, lenses, and flash units, and how these these tools work under extreme lighting and weather conditions. Ian Plant shows you how a superb wildlife composition is like solving a visual puzzle, the pieces coming together in perfect symmetry. As a bonus, Zac Mills captures images of the orangutan in the Indonesian rainforest.


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One Response to “Wildlife Photography in the Falklands – Course Preview”

  1. Ray Wilson

    You can’t really go wrong in the Falklands. You can get really close to the wildlife and could get a decent shot with just a smartphone or a point and shoot. I just used an Olympus e_m1 and a wide angle and a telephoto zoom.

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