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HDR Tutorial: Learn How to Capture and Process Images - Course Preview

Tony Sweet
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Duration:   1 mins

You’ve seen the beautiful landscape photographs that capture bright sunlight and dark shadows. You’ve heard about the method, HDR: High Dynamic Range Photography. You want to learn more.

In this HDR tutorial series, your instructor, author and educator, Tony Sweet, guides you through the entire process, from capturing the on-sight images to HDR processing at the computer. Tony is a Nikon legend behind the lens, and a professional in image editing software. For the photography section of the HDR tutorial, he takes you to the abandoned Eastern State Prison in Philadelphia. Tony says, “This is a great area for HDR photography because of the extreme contrast in the lighting.”

At the prison, you will learn how to capture HDR images, solving the problems of wide-ranging, natural lighting conditions, from bright skylights to dark stone walls. You will learn to deviate from your normal light reading and why long exposures work best. If you need to make adjustments, Tony will show you how to read the camera’s histogram and make changes. “The idea is to capture all the detail at either end of the spectrum,” he explains.

Through the HDR tutorial, Tony will photograph the prison barber shop, Al Capone’s private cell, the chaplain’s office, the yard, and the tower.

In post production, you will learn processing to create a single HDR photograph from the multiple images. Tony will show you how to create an HDR master folder, how to align your source images, and the Photomatix software for HDR processing.

After editing the image in Photomatix, Tony will take you into Photoshop for targeted adjustments. You will learn cropping for composition, the importance of smart filters, and alterations on specific parts of your HDR image.

Get on board with pro photographer and editor, Tony Sweet, as he guides you through the wide world of HDR: High Dynamic Range Photography.



HDR Tutorial: Learn How to Capture and Process Images – Course Preview
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