How to Create a Time-Lapse From Start to Finish

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Duration: 11:53

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As you prepare for your next outdoor field trip, are you thinking about all the creative ways you can capture a landscape image? There are some you probably haven’t thought of. In this premium video, nature photographer David Johnston takes you through the process of how to create a time lapse.

A step by step method, how to create a time lapse helps you add the extra dimension of video motion to your images. For the how to create a time lapse process, all you need is a sturdy tripod with a ball head and a cable release, and you will learn how to capture movement in a picture element. To demonstrate with his own landscape, David adjusts his camera to settle on a low horizon level, the majority of the frame filled with moving clouds. He sets his shutter speed at a half second and adjusts his cable release to expose 300 images, each at a half second. His goal is to capture streaking clouds.

Now the editing begins. In his studio, David takes you through the next steps for how to create a time lapse. He imports all 300 images of the sky into Lightroom. He makes editing adjustments to the first image, then scrolls down to the very last image in the sequence and clicks on sync settings. Now all the edits he made to the first image will take effect on all 300 images. Next, he shows you how to export all the edited images into a folder.

As you continue with how to create a time lapse, you open Photoshop, bring up your folder, select image sequence, then select 24 frames per second for video. With a few more editing steps, you will have learned how to create the time lapse video showing clouds in motion.