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Luminar 4 Review

David Johnston
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Duration:   11  mins

You’ve returned from a great outdoor shoot with hundreds of image files. Now you face the difficult task of sorting and editing. In this video, professional outdoor photographer David Johnston introduces you to Skylum’s Luminar 4 software, the innovative organizing and retouching program. This Luminar 4 Review will show you how to take your outdoor images from basic to advanced and achieve professional results.

In David’s Luminar 4 Software Review, you will learn how easy it is to organize your photos by month and year and how to select your favorites through the star rating system. Then, once you’ve selected a file to work on, you proceed to the editing process where you’ll find an array of retouching tools. In this Luminar 4 Review, David shows you some impressive preset enhancers. With one click, you can convert your image to presets such as contrast, mood, haze removal, and classic black and white

For illustrating the use of the various editing tools, the Luminar 4 Review features David working on his image of fall color trees. He shows you why these tools are easier to use than in the traditional Lightroom and Photoshop software because you can make your basic and advanced edits all in one sequence. The basic tools include the clone & stamp tool, adjustment layers, and sliders for colors, contrast, highlights, and shadows.

You will also learn the most amazing feature in this Luminar 4 Review, the Artificial Intelligence or AI tool. With the AI slider, David creates several edits all at one time including saturation, contrast, vibrance, lighting, clarity, and more. In Advanced Settings, he demonstrates the sliders for adjusting colors. With the Landscape Enhancer, he shows you how to add dazzling golden hour effects. You can add fog or even replace the sky.

The main takeaway from David’s free review is that this innovative editing software is remarkably easy to use.

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