Doug Gardner

South Carolina's ACE Basin—Course Preview

Doug Gardner
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Duration:   1  mins

South Carolina’s ACE Basin is home to abundant wildlife—alligators, dolphins, deer, mink, and an amazing variety of rare birds. In this video series, professional wildlife photographer Doug Gardner takes you on a photographic excursion into the scenic Ace Basin.

Doug paddles his kayak around the Dungannon Heritage Preserve, where he photographs the prehistoric-looking wood stork in its natural habitat. He then moves further into the backwaters and captures the great egret, the rare black-necked stilt, and other wild creatures.

So get on board with pro shooter Doug Gardner as he tours the beautiful backwaters of the ACE Basin and shares wildlife photography tips to help you capture the native birds and animals in your own region.



South Carolina’s ACE Basin—Course Preview
Photographing Wood Storks at Dungannon Heritage Preserve
Capturing Wildlife in the Backwaters of ACE Basin

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