Ian Plant

Using a Filter Holder for Outdoor Photography

Ian Plant
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Duration:   2  mins

In outdoor photography, there are certain lens filters you will find useful. In this video, world- renowned photographer, Ian Plant, shows you why.

Ian recommends placing photo filters into a metal filter holder that attaches to your lens. The advantage is you can use multiple filters at once as opposed to stacking the screw-on filters, which can create vignetting. With the filter holder system, you can rotate the holder to optimize the position of the photo filters so you can get the best photograph.

Join pro shooter, Ian Plant, in another of his photography videos. He’ll show you why the filter holder is an important accessory for your outdoor photography needs.

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One Response to “Using a Filter Holder for Outdoor Photography”

  1. Debra

    Do we need to take off the UV filter then put on the adapter ring? Also, how can we use multiple filters if the filters are the same size? (ex- 3"x3")

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