Layne Kennedy

Using Backlight in Photography

Layne Kennedy
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Duration:   2  mins

Ever wonder how the pros make those striking, close-up images of flowers and leaves? In this video on backlight in photography, professional shooter and instructor, Layne Kennedy, shows you how use backlight in photography to create interesting photographs under less than ideal weather conditions.

Layne takes you into the forest and shows you how to look for photographic opportunities in places you might ordinarily ignore. He says, “As you walk through the woods, keep an eye out for how the light falls on the leaves, flowers, and vegetation. Stop and look around you. Frame the photograph in your head.” The idea is to take advantage of the natural backlighting. Using a macro lens and a low f-stop of 3.2, he creates an exquisite image of a pair of leaves, the greenery trailing off into deep focus.

Layne ventures deeper into the dark forest and finds a wild ginger plant. He explains that when the light is gray and dark, there is a way to create interesting still life images. When he discovers that the natural light is flat on the ginger plant, Layne gets out the headlamp he always carries in his camera bag. Backlight in photography can sometimes be artificial. By placing the lamp on the forest floor, this small light illuminates the edges of the ginger plant leaf and creates transparent highlights. He switches his white balance setting from auto to tungsten to correct for the artificial light. The result? Two little flowers, barely noticeable, are brought to photographic life using this backlight in photography technique.

Watch this video, and join pro shooter, Layne Kennedy, for some landscape photography tips that you can try out on your own images. This backlight in photography idea can result in dynamic close-up images no matter where your photographic adventure takes you.



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