Layne Kennedy

Visualizing and Cropping an Image

Layne Kennedy
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Duration:   6  mins

When you’re walking around looking for great photos, don’t just scan the scenery. Patiently examining your surroundings will often reveal unique images that no one else has seen. This session will provide tips and techniques to develop that ability and ensure you’ll get breathtaking photos.

When you’re photographing nature, it’s important to look for your shot — not just what’s in front of you, but also the other elements that may be in play around them and could potentially combine for exquisite imagery. It’s important to try and visualize potential photographs, and this session will give you tips and techniques to help you cultivate a shrewd photographer’s eye.

Outdoor photographer Layne Kennedy picks out a winter scene of a pair of snow-frosted trees, with a smaller tree tucked behind and between them, basically funneling his view between the two trees and calling his attention to the third tree. A wide-angle lens doesn’t give him the image he sees; in fact, the background tree virtually disappears. To counteract this effect, Layne grabs a telephoto lens instead to compress the image and pull everything closer to him and ends up with a shot that pays homage to all three beautiful trees.

By keeping his eyes open for the perfect photo, Layne was able to get the shot just down the road rather than having to traverse the woods. Your perfect shot may be practically in your backyard, and this video can give you tips on how to find that shot.



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