Cabin Photography Tips from the Smoky Mountains

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Learn from a pro as he experiments with several angles, exposures, and elevations while photographing log cabins in the Smokies. Throughout the process, he will show you the settings he used and why, talk about lighting techniques, and explain the technical details that will make your own pictures better.

Professional photographer Tony Sweet takes you to a park in the Smokies to shoot some picturesque log cabins that tourists come to see. You are on his photo shoot with him, seeing first hand as he looks at the scene in front of him and decides how to shoot it. He demonstrates different camera angles, elevations, and exposures, showing you the different looks of resulting photographs.

He also talks you through every step of his process and points out how the available light plays on various aspects of the scene in front of him. After taking scenic shots of the cabins from every angle possible, he takes some close-ups of the texture of the rough-hewn wood. You will get to see the results of the same photo shot with an infrared filter, and he even discusses what he plans to do with editing software to enhance the photos further and even create new ones.


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