Clothing for Cold Weather Photography

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Cold weather photography calls for cold-weather clothing. You’ll learn from this session how not only to dress for the winter, but also how to put on and take off layers to stay comfortable, dry, and safe. If you dress smart, you can forget about the cold and focus on taking amazing winter photos.

Winter photography can be an amazing experience, both for the gorgeous scenes and the photos that result from them, but dangers lurk in the snow and cold and it’s important to protect yourself from them. This session with photographer Layne Kennedy will help you outfit yourself in the proper clothing for winter weather to keep you safe, dry, and comfortable.

Stay Dry to Stay Safe

When you perspire your clothing can get damp, keeping the moisture against your body and causing you to feel cold. Rather than natural materials such as cotton, you should be wearing synthetic fabrics like polar fleece which wicks the moisture away from your body to keep you dry. Layering is another key area. You should be taking layers off when you get warm and putting layers back on when you feel cold. Aim for a thin layer close to the skin followed by heavier layers and finally a good quality jacket or parka on top that can protect you from the wind. Don’t forget about your bottom half either: outer protective pants with extra knee protection are ideal if you will be kneeling down to take your shots.

Gloves, head coverings, footwear, and further tips on working with your protective wear out in the cold round out this video on cold-weather gear.






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