Encounters with Brown Bears

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Encounters with brown bears in the Alaskan wild can be a beautiful experience resulting in incredible photographs, or it can be a nightmare. It all depends on how you conduct yourself when you are where the bears are. This course teaches you how to conduct yourself so you have the beautiful experience and get some great shots at the same time.

Professional photographers Doug Gardner and Glen Alsworth, Jr. teach you how to get some great photographs of brown bears and how to keep out of their way at the same time. You don’t want to hide from the brown bears, nor do you want to surprise them. Doug and Glen tell you to make plenty of noise so the bears know you are coming into their habitat. You also want to keep yourself in the open so you can see bears coming. Be mindful of the locations of all the bears you can see, and keep your eyes on any wooded areas in the vicinity so you can see bears when they emerge. They demonstrate how you should give the bears plenty of room so they can go about their natural activities without disruption.

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