Tony Sweet

HDR Editing Al Capone’s Prison Cell Photo

Tony Sweet
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Duration:   10  mins

The six images have been captured, and now it’s time for processing Al Capone’s cell. Post production instructor, Tony Sweet, drags the HDR-processed RAW file into Photomatix, his favorite HDR software. When he runs into a problem with an overexposed skylight, he corrects with tone mapping and the white point point tool. He discusses saturation, contrast, luminosity, and color settings. You will also learn about composition, as Tony explains how and why he frames the photograph.

Next, Tony exports his corrected file into Photoshop where he adds the Nik Glamour Glow filter to soften the image.

So follow Tony Sweet as he takes you from camera through HDR processing and finally to the completed photograph of Al Capone’s prison cell.



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