How to Photograph the Sunrise Over Water

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Professional photographer Ian Plant will teach you to take magical photographs of water on the edge of light and at each stage of light as it progresses from first light to full sun at sunrise. You will learn camera settings, which filters to use, and how to get the dramatic results you are after.

Photographing the progression of light on water, from its earliest stage of first light to full sun, results in dramatic photographs that are all different, even if the subject matter is exactly the same. Professional photographer Ian Plant will teach you how to photograph the sunrise on the water, instruct you in the longer exposure times you will need for the earlier stages of light, suggest what filters to use to balance your exposure, and make suggestions on where to position your tripod. You will even get instruction on shooting directly into the sun when it is at different points. Ian insists the best photographs are taken on “the edge of light,” which is that magical time just as light dawns.