How to Photograph the Sunset Over Water

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Professional photographer Ian Plant, who specializes in landscape and wildlife photography, says the best time to photograph water is at sunset or sunrise. That’s because the light during those two times of day has color in it, unlike the white light of full sun. The color adds an element of beauty to photographs as it reflects on the body of water that you are photographing. This colored light also lights up clouds, adding color to them as well.

In this session Ian teaches you how to photograph the sunset on the water. He recommends setting up your camera and equipment about an hour before sunset so you can find your composition and the exact subject elements you wish to include in your photographs. This early arrival will also guarantee you will be on hand when the first colorful rays of the sunset come down. He recommends you continue photographing through sunset and twilight until the last threads of light are drawn for the golden light that will be reflected on the water.