Layne Kennedy

Travel Photography: Landscapes, Landmarks & Wildlife—Course Preview

Layne Kennedy
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Duration:   1  mins

Join pro photographer Layne Kennedy as he travels to Badlands National Park, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, and Black Hills National Forest in South Dakota. In this course, Layne Kennedy spends time in these well-known South Dakota locations, explaining as he goes in the sessions about photographing large details in landscapes, capturing unique landscape elements, enhancing colors and creating a panoramic, photographing historical landmarks, animal portrait techniques, photographing large herds, shooting solo animal portraits, and switching your optics.


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One Response to “Travel Photography: Landscapes, Landmarks & Wildlife—Course Preview”

  1. Deb Wallenberg

    Watched your video, regarding photographing in Custer State Park. I've photographed in the park for many years and could tell actually where each place you were in the park. I have learnt to be very respectful of the buffalo in the park, watching the video was very concerning of your position of choice to photograph the buffalo and especially the part where you were photographing our state flower the Pasque flower. The buffalo were very close to you in that part. Personally, I always have an escape plan before stepping out of a vehicle to photograph these magnificent creatures. Every year there is one tourist that gets too close to a buffalo and suffer injuries as a result. Google the gal who lost her pants to a buffalo, true story, and one of our ambulances in Custer, SD sport a picture of a buffalo on the side of the ambulance with a pair of pants hanging from its horn. Just saying, always caution, one of the animals I totally do not trust, if they want, they can take you out in seconds. Anyway, happy shooting, and if you are ever in the area would love to show you the park and the many scenic views of our beautiful Black Hills.

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