Tony Sweet

Nature Photography Tips while Shooting Sparks Lane

Tony Sweet
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Duration:   10  mins

You will get an opportunity to see the Smoky Mountains through the eyes of professional photographer Tony Sweet when he takes you to Sparks Lane at Cade’s Cove. You’ll learn how to take advantage of the quickly changing light at dawn, and how to capture shots of early morning fog.

The gravel lane is lined on both sides with trees, with farm fences behind them enclosing grassy fields with mountains in the distance. Early morning fog is shrouding the whole scene when Tony arrives about 45 minutes before sunrise. The light changes fast as the sun rises, so you will learn to change your settings to accommodate that or risk your photographs being overexposed. Tony recommends bracketing all your shots, and continually changing filters and lenses.

One advantage of taking photos at this time of day is that you will be able to catch the light on the edge of your subject. Another is capturing the light as it filters through the fog and lights it up. He helps you see a multitude of beautiful photos you can shoot if you know how to take advantage of what you can find at sunrise.


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