Outdoor Photography at Lea Valley in the Great Smoky Mountains

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Duration: 6:19

Outdoor photography at dawn in the Smoky Mountains can result in beautiful shots if you know what to look for and how to enhance what you see with tricks of the trade. Professional photographer Tony Sweet takes you with him to Lea Valley in the Smokies to show you how to do just that.

Professional photographer Tony Sweet shows you how to find photographs at Lea Valley in Cade’s Cove in the Smoky Mountains at dawn. Instead of trying to take in everything you see, Tony will teach you how to isolate small areas so you get more dramatic shots. He recommends which settings and filters to use to get the most detail, and which ones to use for a softer look, such as the shots of fog. He will teach you how to plan your shots, and which filters, lenses, and settings to use to get the best shots of the mountain ridges, and even how to enhance the fog with color filters as it slowly rises from the mountains.


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