Kylee Leonetti

Photography Inspiration in Industrial Ruins

Kylee Leonetti
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Duration:   6  mins

We’re all looking for photography inspiration. In this video, pro photographer Kylee Leonetti shows you how she finds photography inspiration by shooting industrial ruins. She explores a former military base, the buildings overgrown with prairie grass, weeds, and moss. Careful to avoid poison ivy, she finds a plethora of photo opportunities. She begins her exploration by photographing close-ups of metal, rust, concrete, moss and brick. With her macro lens, Kylee shows you how to photograph flowers and berries, with old stone walls as backgrounds. You will learn to look for ways to instill life and color into your images of ruins.

Photography inspiration comes in all sizes and shapes. Look for abandoned distilleries, factories, and manufacturing plants. In these settings, Kylee concentrates on human artifacts, broken glass, electrical equipment, weathered chairs and desks. She even discovers an old training manual sitting on a warped wall. When you shoot human artifacts, it’s a good idea to photograph them as they lay, keeping the context of the discovery. If you find an artifact overgrown with weeds, try to shoot the subject from all angles, even from above and below. You may only get this chance once.

Kylee shows you the proper camera settings to capture these photographs of industrial ruins. You will learn to photograph images in color for later conversion to black and white as additional options. Look for colorful wall graffiti to add color and depth to your images. Photography inspiration while shooting in ruins is exciting but sometimes dangerous. You may come across hidden holes and cracks in the foundations. Industrial ruins can be a goldmine for experienced photographers, but they can be a land mine for the the inexperienced urban explorer. Kylee reminds you to always check your footing when tramping around the sites, and be sure to assess the environment before you begin your photography.


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