Take Great Macro Photos in Nature

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“Macros are everywhere,” says professional photographer Tony Sweet. In this session he shows you how to photograph the bark and lichen on a tree and also a woodsy fern, explaining in detail the technical reason for each decision.

Professional photographer Tony Sweet says subjects for macro photography are everywhere, especially in the Smoky Mountains. In this session, he takes you with him on a photo shoot and shows you how to see macro possibilities. You will see him shoot the lichen on a tree and how he captures the texture of both the wood and the lichen, and their colors. He will show you how to shoot a macro of a fern, describing his entire process in great detail. He also emphasizes the importance of patience for photographers as they wait for perfect lighting, for the wind to stop moving their subject, and for other conditions to change all in pursuit of the perfect photo. Open your mind and your eyes and you will find macro shots everywhere you look.


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