• Tips on Portrait Photography when Shooting Into the Sun

    You don’t need to be afraid of shooting a model in the middle of the day. With these techniques, you’ll learn how to capture beautiful portraits regardless of light conditions.

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    Street photography is the study of the human condition, relying heavily on making candid photos of people in public places and capturing stories about people and the places they live and gather. But even more than that, street photography involves capturing ephemeral moments when subject matter, mood, composition, and light come together to create a…

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  • Street Photography Equipment

    What kind of gear do you need for street photography? In this video, professional photographer, Ian Plant, shows you the street photography equipment he takes along to capture memorable images. Ian says that almost any kind of camera will work, but he prefers his DSLR full frame. He recommends carrying three or four lenses, a…

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  • 3:43

    When photographing people and things, there are certain rights and responsibilities to keep in mind. In this video, professional photographer, Ian Plant, covers the rules of shooting on the streets. He explains, “In the United States, you have a constitutionally protected right to take photographs in public places.” What about candids of people? If your…

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  • 4:22

    When photographing street images, should you go handheld or use a tripod? In this video, professional photographer, Ian Plant, answers the question. You will learn that tripods work best in low light or if you are waiting for a shot to unfold. But if you like spontaneity, you should hand hold the camera. Ian shows…

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  • How to Photograph People

    How to photograph people on the streets. It can be challenging but rewarding. In this video, professional photographer, Ian Plant, shows you that it can also be fun if you are prepared. “When you are on the streets with your camera, look for people who have a story to tell,” Ian suggests. You will learn…

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  • 6:15

    How do you go about capturing really good street photographs? In this video, professional photographer, Ian Plant, suggests you go where people congregate. He explains, “Cars, traffic, pedestrians, buildings. Any place where people are on the go makes great photo opportunities.” This all creates visual chaos, and chaos creates good street photography. He suggests attending…

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  • Shadow Photography

    When shooting street images, you will often encounter bright sunlight, which creates a difficult, high contrast situation. In this video, professional photographer, Ian Plant, overcomes that problem with shadow photography. Working with street shadows, you will learn how to create abstract shots. Ian positions his tripod over hard shadows of a lamp post on the…

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    What exactly is street photography? Does it only take place in urban areas? In this video, professional photographer, Ian Plant, provides an explanation. Ian says, “Working in an urban environment gives you more photographic opportunities, but you can also do street photography in small towns.” The goal is capture visual stories about the places where…

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