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Using Triangles in Landscape Photography

In my over ten years as a professional landscape photographer, I’ve learned that artistic composition—the positioning of visual elements within the picture frame—is vitally important to taking successful photos. A critical component of mastering composition is learning how to recognize and creatively use abstract shapes. When assessing potential landscape subjects, I always keep an eye out for objects that form a triangle shape, as I’ve found that you can make powerful compositions by using triangles in landscape photography. Read More

The Best Times to Take Outdoor Photos

I’ve been a professional landscape, nature, and travel photographer for over ten years, and I often get asked the question: what are the best times of day for taking outdoor photographs? The answer, of course, depends in large part on what you are photographing. Outdoor photographers like myself spend weeks in the field hoping for incredible displays of natural light to fully bring their subjects to life. Understanding light, how it changes during the day, and how you can best use the light to your advantage are all critical aspects of successful outdoor photography. Read More

The 7 Elements of a Great Bird Photograph

In order to create beautiful images of birds on a consistent basis it is important to understand the many elements that combine to make a good photo. This includes: exposure, composition, light, sharpness, perch, pose, and background. However, these components are not absolute rules that must be followed in every image. As a matter of fact, some of the best images are those that break some of the rules or that are “outside of the box”. Nevertheless, understanding these 7 elements as a starting point will inevitably lead to better bird images. Read More

OPG LIVE: May 2018

Say good bye to winter, and say goodbye to the old OPG LIVE – we return in May with a new, improved format to welcome the coming of spring! In this episode, pro nature photographer Ian Plant shares some of his secrets for making compelling spring photographs. And, as always,… Read More

The Joy of Scouting

There are many times in photography where you get caught up in the details and lose sight of how photography can be fun instead of a challenge. Maybe it’s because of all of the technical jargon you have to remember, or maybe it’s because of all of the gear… Read More

OPG LIVE: March 2018

In this episode of OPG LIVE, professional photographer Ian Plant shares photos and stories from his most recent adventure on the Colorado Plateau in Utah. He offers tips for making compelling landscape and aerial photos, as well as discusses how to photograph slot canyons. Read More