OPG LIVE: June 2017

In this episode of OPG LIVE, Ian Plant, managing editor at Outdoor Photography Guide, discusses some of his secrets for taking compelling wildlife photos. He also answers a number of questions relating to wildlife photography, including tracking moving subjects, using auto ISO and shutter priority mode to ensure always getting sharp images, and other topics.

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33 Responses to “OPG LIVE: June 2017”

  1. Lori Solojuk

    Looking forward to learning a lot from your live show. :)

  2. Tim

    Tried downloading the free ebook and couldn't access it.

  3. Howard

    do you ever use flash extenders like better beamer?

  4. Howard

    Looking forward to seeing you

  5. Sue Jarrett

    Thank You! Your info was great and helpful!

  6. Ania

    I love this LIVE show! Thanks Ian and Lillia! Great info!

  7. Linda Wise

    What is your technique for tracking moving or flying animals[birds]

  8. william Cox

    When taking pictures of wildlife habitat do you use a square polarizer and ND filters, and if so how do you use a square polarizer with split ND filters.

  9. Joe Hudspeth

    How do you get your flash to project when you are over 40 to 50 feet away?

  10. Jorgen

    How about shooting in manual mode with auto iso - then you know you control both shutter speed and f/stop?