Free Photo Challenges from Outdoor Photography Guide

Free Photo Challenges from Outdoor Photography Guide

Put your creativity to the test with Outdoor Photography Guide photography challenges! Sign up for a challenge and get a new assignment each week that will encourage creativity and get you trying new things out in the field. Be sure to join the Official Outdoor Photography Guide Community Facebook group to share your photos each week and to check out others’ interpretations of the weekly assignments. Connecting with your fellow photographers is one of the best ways to get inspired!

The Ultimate Photo Challenge
The Creative Photo Challenge
The Unseeing Photo Challenge
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  1. Kathryn Mollenhauer

    How much should it cost to repair the screen on my Canon 40D? I inadvertently left the camera turned on and stored it for nearly a year while renovating my home, with the neckstrap pressed against the menu button. I am still able to use it but got disappointing photos at my niece’s wedding because I was not able to adjust some of the settings. I have been quoted AUD$ 450 just to have it looked at. I wonder if it is worth saving for an upgrade instead?

  2. Sylvain Champagne

    I would love to share an article with Outdoor Photography. My article is about eagles in my area. Eagles are staying year round in Canada. Thanks

  3. Elisa M. Cuccaro

    I’m truly looking forward to being a member of this group. I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures of different subject matters. I haven’t been able to get out & take pictures due to some medical issues. Now that mobile again, I know a beautiful route I would be able to take beautiful outdoor pictures. I look to sharing my photos w/ everyone & seeing everyone else’s picture. Take care & talk soon. Elisa

  4. Marie Lawrence

    Thirteen years ago, I never left my home without my Pentax K-1000 and/or Nikon D40. Fast forward to the present, cameras on cellphones became better and so readily available. The problem with this is a person loses their ability to control the creative process becasue of the”intelligent” features, auto HDR/tracking and filters.

    I WANT my passion for film and digital photography back.

    • Rochelle Cornet

      Totally agree! I have the added bonus of unexpected disasters popping up weekly, making life so crazy! It seems Neverending and leaves no time to get out with my cameras. Sadly, I’m struggling to get my passion back too. Hoping things will settle down soon, so I can focus on giving more time to my love of photography 💕

  5. Pravin Modi

    I was your member, but I hardly use your website due to my health issues. I am ready to learn more to become decent photographer..

  6. Alicia Pastiran

    Looking forward to it. Just got a new camera and need the practice!